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Epiphone SG G400 Review

According to the consecutive number, the specific version I got to possess dates to 2011 (6 years old when I bought it), corresponding to the newest edition of the guitar concerning specs. The neck, built to the body at a group neck configuration (which makes it the cheapest Epiphone SG with no bolton neck( corresponding to Gibson’s structure) is made from mahogany with a rosewood fretboard, 24 frets. It’s a plastic nut that’s quite a hit or miss (several versions have them trimmed in way too much necessitating replacement; requires to be analyzed case in the event). Even Though the SG400 is fairly much a funding incarnation into the “Standard” SG from Gibson, this one does not possess a fretboard binding unlike the first version That is, of course, only visual and allows to reach a very inexpensive price tag, but worth mentioning. The body becomes near the first 60s Gibson SG contour, but maybe not an ideal fit. It is made from timber (bear in mind that #1 you will find more than a million distinct species of shrub contained on this kind of timber; and #2 Epiphone generally leaves the guitar figures from several pieces of wood glued together to cut prices; being made of timber does not instantly indicate it is highquality), depending you choose the opaque “ebony” colour or the seethrough “cherry” (or possibly perhaps the faded variation) it could have veneer caps or not, to better capture the timber veins effect. The guitar comes armed with Epi’s TuneoMatic bridge that’s fairly adequate, Alnico Classic humbucker pickups (more on them at the proper “sound” segment) along with Grover nonlocking tuners (good quality, if you don’t truly need the locking feature you won’t want replacing them). ou can read more about how to acoustic guitar at

This version Differs in the “Pro” version from how, unlike this particular version being reviewed, it’s Alnico pickups “assembled based on Gibson’s USA pickup criteria” and coilsplitting performance, allowing to turn off among those coils of every humbucker allowing it to seem as a single coil pickup This guitar doesn’t permit such attribute to be set up in the future unless you replace the pickups.

Audio — 7 I have played this guitar in your home, bedroom design settings, although my Marshall Valvestate VS15R. The guitar comes with a very nice grip, but I register the overall though concerning the pickups that they seem good for many distinct fashions, but not especially great whatsoever. When I’d kept it I would have replaced them at a certain stage, but they are totally usable. If you are intending to purchase one by inspiration of your favorite SG guitar player, it is very important to point out it will not seem like Angus Young or even Tony Iommi. This guitar sounds great, but not like a real SG.

Inside my home installation I have not noticed any of those muddy output concerns a few whine, but it is possible if you’ve got any “heavyduty” gear it may lack the clearness of greater quakity pickups. Furthermore, if fresh tones are a lot for you, the Pro version would be a far better option.

The only concern in regards from the mill is that the plastic nut that does not feel that good; the cuts are rather deep and the strings get stuck onto it and in some versions the cuts were created so badly it is far better to replace it.

Apart from that, having an hardtail, this guitar has the simplest configuration you can get, which means that you can either readily learn by yourself the way to put this up or take it into a shop without needing to cover as much as you want, say, a Floyd Rose guitar.

The prior owner had already substituted the jack plug along with the three way switch occasionally did not made appropriate contact (and of course that the drama that it had). However, the containers did not have me any problem A remodelling project with jack and switch plug replacement could be a cheap and simple to do task, ao it are the least of these concerns. Just remember it may be a sign for the remainder of the device’s quality.

The wood looks quite durable and mine did not had some dings (and that I might or might not have dropped my acoustic over it from approximately 5 cm high, without any damage whatsoever). Should you rely upon a strap, then I vividly advise you to set up strap locks onto it due to the neck diving dilemma using SGs (the throat is thicker than your body, translating in bad equilibrium if you are not holding it at any given time).

As I’ve said on the right class, it was a fantastic match for my type of music and it was not a problem in any way. I have a Squier Strat that it was supposed to replace and now a Jackson Guru DK2M Dinky (it is a custom of mine to not review any gear without needing a much better quality one for contrast and also to “sharpen” my crucial awareness, that is why just now I have took the opportunity to review it). I believe this guitar is still a fantastic starter/intermediate tool it is possible to get for a reasonable price either used or new, but since you have a better look at it a few superior defects come into light. The inlays, by way of instance, seem quite fine but once you take a closer look you’ll see the major gap in between the timber and the inlay that required a number of wood filler. The entire body of mine also had a tiny direct line indentation within the human body likely an acidental tool struck before being painted. In general, even though it’s a rather nicely developed guitar, I have felt that continuous feeling it was not a very large excellent tool that I simply can not say; that is something you must play and hold it to understand. I have bought it with in your mind something to continue and possess as a keeper guitar I am midway college and I have realized I am undergoing the past few years I will have too much time to spare to genuinely spend on the tool and also something like 10 years from today I simply don’t understand exactly what my life will be like. I am aware that was actually the smartest time to acquire a quality, lasting tool and have the ability to genuinely reap the benefits of it, nevertheless I had been nave and thought I might find a long-lasting tool for under 150 euro. The quality you will get is amazingly great for the cost, but do not believe the SG400 is going to be a guitar for life, despite mods. It required me to purchase a suitable excellent guitar to comprehend the different feel from the craftsmanship that a Chinese produced guitar intended to be economical can not deliver.

Why I purchased it. The neck joint had any cracks around the paint I neglected to notice when I have purchased it. By itself it is not something to fret about, entirely normal because of the character of timber, but I obtained mixed feedback about the chance of it having influenced the timber itself. Although there were no consequences on the playability, it was mostly pointing to some more severe problem entirely scrapping the goal of being a guitar to continue, which makes me decide to search for something different.

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