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Who Am I and Why Would You Care?

by Internet Business Entrepreneur

I will tell you about my life and how I ended up as a full time Internet Marketer at the age of 41. Well I graduated from college with a degree in business and finance and I started my own business as a Financial Adviser at the age of 22. When I was 18 I invested in my first piece of real estate purchasing a two unit home. It seemed like such easy money to me so I just kept on buying two, three and some four unit properties. Eventually I ended up with 27 different rental properties and I was building quite a life for my family and I.

I pretty much had a terrific life and we lived very comfortably. But when I was about 35 I was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. This could be an incredibly long story but I won’t put you through all that. Here is the short version! My older brother got me into a medical trial at Boston Medical Center and they saved my life. But over the next few years I developed more brain tumors which led to a total of six brain surgeries. I then developed a severe seizure disorder as a result of the tumors and I was in the hospital about 60% of the time over the next three years. The seizures are now under control to where I only have them once or twice a month.

This is still the short version! When I was 41 my airway collapsed and I fell into a coma for 2 months and when I came back I was told I had a genetic disorder and I would need to have a permanent tracheotomy. So now I could not talk, I lost my ability to speak due to the collapsed airway and breathing sucked because it was such an effort.

I was fortunate enough to have held my position in an investment group that I helped establish over 12 years ago and the income I made through that revenue stream allowed me to pursue my goal of building some online businesses.

There you go! The short version of my adult life history up to the age of 41.

Now This Is Where I Tell You Why You Should Care Who I Am!

First off I can tell you that I am not the typical quote “Guru” type Internet Marketer. If you took the time to read the above story you would know that I was what most people would consider “Rich, Wealthy or Extremely Well Off!” Then I was faced with $900,000 in medical costs and I was unemployed but thanks to my position in an investment group and the success of my Internet businesses I earn….(I really hate saying how much money I make).

The bottom line is that I make A LOT of money through my Internet Businesses and thanks to the power of the Internet I have my old lifestyle back and then some. I am considered completely disabled because of my seizures and my trach but I still have the ability to earn the kind of income that a top prize fighter would make. And you know what? I plan on teaching or telling as many people as I can EXACTLY how I make the kind of money I do by working online.

So if you stick around I guarantee you will learn how to make at least a full time income by building your own Internet Business or businesses. I don’t need money but I like to earn money, there is something really infectious about earning money. If you are reading this right now then you can consider yourself VERY LUCKY because you have the opportunity to learn how to build your own HIGHLY PROFITABLE Internet Business from a guy that knows a thing or two about business and he loves to help people.

My journey to Internet Success was pretty interesting, I made all the typical mistakes that just about every knew Internet marketer…wanna be…makes and I wasted a lot of money that I really could not afford to waste. But I do have a terrific knowledge of business in general and I am certain that had a lot to do with me becoming as successful as I am today. I would bet that I am within the top 10% of the highest earning Internet Marketers ever! I never cared to be out in the spotlight, I pretty much had my share of the spotlight as a professional fighter.

Now I see so much crap flying around the Internet marketing world that it kind of pisses me off. I see people that probably really need their money spending it on junk products that will never get them anywhere. I will tell you right now that I make huge sums of money through Affiliate Marketing but in the same breath I can tell you that I make huge sums of money from my membership sites.

I just decided to put this site up the other day and I want to have some fun with it! I am not very technical and I usually pay one of my guys to do all the technical stuff. But last week I told my partner…I didn’t tell you about him yet…..that I was going to do this and I was going to do everything myself. Yeah he laughed his ass off at me! But you know what? That just made me want to do it even more. You see because I cannot speak well and I never really tried to build a brand around my name nobody really knows who I am, other than my JV partners and they are all the big guys.

Holy Crap! I can really run off on a tangent! I am going to wrap this up, I just wanted to tell you that this site is like my little pet project and I want to have some real fun with it. I refuse to have anyone help me with the technical end of things and I will personally be writing all the content. Just a little secret between you and me……All those other blogs you read that the other “Gurus” have, they don’t write their own posts. Most of them I can tell you right now have blogs up that they have never even logged into. OH, and their newsletters, they have nothing to do with those either! You got it!! The e-mails you get from them, they never touched them as a matter of fact they don’t even know when they get mailed.

OK, that’s it!! I am done!!! I mean it this time, I just have one thing to ask of you. Let’s make this fun, jump in and tell me your stories, let me know if your making money or spending money, share with everyone what has worked for you and what hasn’t and most of all ask me questions, the more you ask me the more I will share and soon you will all be making money. So let’s get it started!

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